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If it wasn't already obvious, this is a WORK IN PROGRESS.  Play with it at your own risk.

L5R Online is a table-top playing surface designed for the game Legend of the Five Rings, and more specifically, Emperor Edition.  L5R Online can also be used solely to construct, save, and share decks on the internet.

Right-click names in the chat room to challenge people to games.

L5R Online is not endorsed or associated in any way with the Alderac Entertainment Group, the makers of Legend of the Five Rings.  It is purely a fan-made tool for connecting and playing the L5R CCG with other people on the internet.  If you wish to donate to this project, I would strongly encourage you to instead spend your money in the AEG Store.

It is my hope that this tool will encourage people to join our L5R community and playtest their decks with others around the world.  No harm is intended.  It is only under AEG's good graces that this site remains up, and it may be taken down at a moment's notice at their request.

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